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M-PA-THI Tilasmi Frigge
M-PA-THI Tilasmi Frigge
M-PA-THI the fotoshoot

Who am I

I greet you from the Netherlands, where my innate knack for problem-solving has driven me to achieve significant milestones. As a trailblazer at Syntens's Innovation Network for Entrepreneurs, I proudly introduced six fully functional inventions, showcasing my innovative spirit and unwavering determination.

"I don't see problems. I see solutions".

Fuelled by a profound desire to effect positive change, I've founded several small NGOs dedicated to fostering economic and legal transformations aimed at tackling the pressing challenges of our time.

"I solved the inability to have productive brainstorm meetings"

With the inception of M-PA-THI, also known as The Hive Mind Method, my mission becomes crystal clear: to harness the collective mental prowess of humanity and direct it towards crafting solutions for the impending challenges.

By amalgamating our diverse cognitive abilities, I firmly believe we can pave the way for a brighter future, characterised by innovation, collaboration, and resilience.

I got on a journey that began with a rude awakening during the banking crisis of 2008. How can it be that banks wield the power to conjure money out of thin air, profiting from interest on this illusion? It's a Ponzi scheme silently eroding the foundations of our world, yet it remains a hushed topic in mainstream discourse.

Ever since I embarked on this journey, I've been on a quest for solutions, seeking alternatives to systems that deceive, oppress, and confine us. Human rights are not bound by borders or beliefs; they belong to every soul on this planet, transcending culture and creed. That's why I'm championing a monetary system and a court system rooted in human rights, paving the path towards a world where dignity and justice prevail for all.

We cling to our human rights because they are the bedrock of a just and humane society, offering protection, empowerment, and hope for a better future for all.

The cabal pulls the strings, asserting dominance over our world while keeping us in the dark and reliant. We've been lulled into myths of democracy, freedom, and blind "trust in science." My mission is to enlighten humanity, nurturing our potential to thrive autonomously, embracing the freedom to err and grow into compassionate, enlightened beings. Join me in this quest for emancipation and wisdom.



This groundbreaking method is primarily accessible to organizations and groups acknowledging a higher power. They must serve this power in pursuit of love, truth, and Dharma, aiming to restore its order on earth. I am seeking collaboration with organizations to swiftly deploy this method to those combating the Globalists.