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Socratic Method

The Socratic Method was developed as a means to steer away from mere argumentation or rhetoric. It consists of five key points:

Listen to the other person’s argument: Actively receive and understand the perspective presented by the other party.

Summarize or reflect the argument: Paraphrase or repeat the other person’s argument to ensure mutual understanding.

Request evidence and underlying beliefs: Prompt the individual to provide evidence supporting their conclusion. Delve into the facts, beliefs, or assumptions that form the basis of their viewpoints. Challenge these assumptions by assessing their validity and employ further questioning to uncover any fallacies or incorrect presuppositions. Continually inquire “Why?” to delve deeper.

Encourage reformulation of their position: Guide them to rephrase and articulate their standpoint. After they have done so, reiterate their position to confirm mutual comprehension.

Repeat the process: Continuously engage in this method to foster deeper understanding and exploration of the topic at hand.



“Let me tell you folks, we’re facing a crisis of epic proportions. The globalist elites are pulling the strings behind the scenes, orchestrating a diabolical plan to strip us of our freedoms and enslave humanity. It’s a battle for the very soul of our nation, and we must stand up and fight back against this tyranny with everything we’ve got!

They’re using every dirty trick in the book to silence dissent and control the narrative. But we won’t be silenced! We won’t be censored! We will continue to expose the lies and corruption, shining a light on the dark forces that seek to destroy us.

Now is the time to wake up, folks. Now is the time to join together in solidarity and resistance. We must arm ourselves with knowledge and truth, and we must never back down in the face of oppression. The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and we must not fail in this crucial moment.

So I say to you, my fellow patriots: Rise up! Speak out! And together, we will overcome!”

Please note that this is an attempt to capture the style of Alex Jones’s rhetoric and may not perfectly replicate his unique voice.