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The Game Play

In a world where truth is often obscured by ‘The System’, there is a need for a game that challenges players to think strategically and employ oppositional tactics. That game is M-PA-THI. With M-PA-THI, players can pursue their goals by both creative and opposing thinking. This game is designed to help players achieve their objectives by stimulating their skills in strategic thinking and decision-making.

Game Rules and Components

M-PA-THI is played with three key components: the ‘MISSION’, the ‘TRUTH’, and the ‘BLACK PYRAMID’. Players establish their goal by writing it on an A4 paper and attaching it to the ‘MISSION’. Then players choose whether to play as the ‘creators’ or to side with ‘The System’. The game also includes three levels of steps: legal, civil disobedient, and illegal, each marked with a specific color.


During the game, players take turns placing a game piece on the board and writing a step on the corresponding paper. The steps can represent various degrees of action, depending on the color. ‘The System’ may respond with tactics such as a ‘False Flag’ or ‘Controlled Opposition’. To keep the game realistic, bystanders can offer suggestions or criticism on the moves made.

Duration of the Game

M-PA-THI can be played indefinitely or within a set period to accomplish the mission. Additional missions may arise during the game, continually challenging players.

End of the Game

The game ends when the players’ mission or goals are achieved. This can lead to different outcomes, depending on the strategies used during the game.

Skill Development and Mission of M-PA-THI

Through repeated play, players develop their skills in strategic thinking and decision-making. The goal of M-PA-THI is not only to be a game but also to inspire real action, encouraging players to be proactive rather than passive spectators.

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